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Somebody Bit The Moon!

But, who? Sherban? He’s a children’s music performer who grew up in Transylvania... You think he did it? Or is it The Rat, The Bat or The Ghoul? And TELL ME WHY? Why is The Moon getting smaller and smaller, then bigger and bigger, until it gets to be Full Moon again? Who’s doing that? Is it The Dog, The Cat or The Chicken telling you to respect all forms of life in  ANIMAL BLUES  song? And tell me, WHO’S AFRAID OF THE DARK? You’re not? Even if it takes all the courage you’ve got? How about you, BAH HUMBUG, you silly dog! When you bark at a tree, which bark would that be? While we’re asking silly questions, DO PINEAPPLES GROW IN PINETREES OR APPLETREES? Are they hanging high or low? I really wanna And what do you say when you get a NEW TOY? Oh, boy, oh boy, a new toy!You might even feel like a MAD, MAD BALL if you goDOWN BY THE BAY! May be with a little family cooperation from THE CARROT’s Mom and Dad, Daughter, Son, Cat, Dog and even the Mouse in the house, you could ask BEEBOP-A-LOULA AND THE BUMBLE BEEor Mama Bear, Papa Bear or Baby Bear who are still trying to eat the huge ONE TON TOMATO... Whatever you do, NEVER TELL A LIE (Oh, me, oh, my) while you PUT YOUR TOYS AWAY ... If you get hungry looking for a slice of The Moon, tell THE MUSICAL CHEF to cook up a song and if it comes out nice, have another slice... because...IF LEFT IS RIGHT and right is wrong, then left is right ! Right? Yes, said HOT DIGGIDY DOGafter he told me about the Hollywood mosquito who wanted to pass the screen test... As you are chanting and rowing in the waters of South Pacific Ocean withTONGO, don't PROCRASTINATE and please order this new release from AMUSED PRODUCTIONS (Adventures in MUSic EDucation, get it?). To find out who bit The Moon, get this family album entitled SOMEBODY BIT THE MOON, containing some of Sherban’s best dynamic songs, written and performed for kids of all ages.

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Sherban performing Children's Music

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