PUT YOUR TOYS AWAY! a musical in one act, 3 scenes for ages 7 - 11



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Once upon a time, there was a mirror. Not just an ordinary mirror but a magic one. You know which one I mean. Like the ones you’ve seen in other stories. This one works with the magic song:
Mirror, mirror in my room,
Boom, Chicka, Boom Chicka,
Boom, Boom, Boom.
This story is about the time the Magic Mirror was in Johnny’s room. One day, Johhny was sitting on the floor, surrounded by lots of toys. He was bored. Veeery bored. Yes, friends, Johnny was bored….His mother tells him to put his toys away. He goes back to his room but The Joker Poker comes out of the Magic Mirror and talks Johhny into lying to his mother. Mom knows right away that Johnny was lying, because she had hidden a brand new toy under the mess in Johnny's room. Johnny is lured into the world of the Magic Mirror where he learns the value of being truthful, after he meets The Truth Fairy and lots of other characters.


Tell Me Why

Truth Fairy

Truth Fairy Close up

Johnny lies to his mother for the first time!
What if we could pinpoint that moment in time and space? Could later problems be avoided? What happens when Johhny, as he grows up, understands how trusting a superficial, apparently "good time" pal (The Joker Poker) could turn into a nightmare?
And what if The Joker Poker grows up to be a drug dealer or a gang member?
Fortunately, being that the audience participation plays an active role in the plot, these and other questions are answered during the performance.
PUT YOUR TOYS AWAY! is an upbeat tuneful musical for a very flexible, small to medium children's theatre production or camp. The production could be frugal with minimal sets and costumes and equally easy to stage in a camp setting as well as in elementary schools, community or professional theaters.

The magic phrase is "Boom chicka, boom chicka, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!"

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