Videola - The Adventures of the ABADABA Family

What is VIDEOLA? Well, have you noticed that all the names of the characters spell out a melody with the letters ABCDEFG? Take a trip in space and time while being introduced to music literacy throughout the six galaxies of music: Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, Form, Expression and Style.

6 Music Galaxies

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VIDEOLA is a musical Space-Time ship, and also...

--a musical adventure story
--a music appreciation vehicle
--a play-along teaching tool
--a music tutorial
--a game poem

Most of their names spell out their Inner Melodies, their musical themes(ABCDEFG): ABADABA, EEBEEGEEBEE, EGGBEG, BADGE, GAFAGGA, etc.. The entire musical flows in rhyme, like an ancient Greek Odyssey. Once you start identifying what instrument is playing the Name Theme (i.e. EGGBEG played by the saxophone), or learn to tell the difference between pulse and rhythm, you're on your way to music literacy, music appreciation or just sheer musical delight.

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