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A Few Words About Sherban Cira, the senior member of the team:

Blending the qualities of old world music with the high-tech sounds of today, the charismatic teaching style of Sherban Cira is derived from a lifetime of world travel, a multi-ethnic background and colorful experiences as a songwriter, actor and professional musician. His childhood in Romania was steeped in musical tradition, and at an early age Sherban made it his goal to use music as a way of affecting change in the oppressed atmosphere of his homeland. At the age of 17, Sherban’s musical group The Enthusiastics, released Romania’s very first Rock and Roll album. At 22, after a performance in Hamburg, he defected from Romania and after extensive touring throughout West Germany, Norway, Sweden and Canada, Sherban and his family settled in New York, where he attended Columbia University and received both a BA and a Masters Degree in Music Education and Conducting. Since then, Sherban has created a franchise called Music On the Move (a Chicago-based agency which provides music programs for private schools), has become Music Director for Banner Day Camp in Illinois, has produced several original albums of his children’s music, has served as Children’s Music coordinator for the National Academy of Songwriters in Hollywood, has written music for NBC, and has conducted many Las Vegas shows for singers and comedians, including Della Reese, Eartha Kitt, Yakof Smirnoff and Jay Leno.

To see a photo gallery of his performing career, please click here.

Sherban just retired as a Multimedia Program Administrator for Pomona Unified School District where he was training teachers and students using the latest e-learning techniques in music, drama, web design, 3D animation, graphic design and video production. He is fluent in 6 languages and his production company called AMUSED Productions is listed in the INTERNATIONAL BILLBOARD CATALOG.

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